The Dot

Just have Faith, believe me, there is a dot exactly 6.2 cm behind your head. It floats there all the time. Everybody else can see your dot but your dot prevents us from telling you. But believe me, have faith, it is there.

Why haven't you seen the Dot yet? Well, you shouldn't need to ask, isn't it obvious that it has been there all your life? Have faith! It guides your entire life. It watches you and absorbs away all the nasty things you did and do to other people. Don't worry, if you do something nasty to someone the Dot will absolve you. You have doubts about this? What evidence do you need? The universe it beautiful because the Dot made it so, believe me, have faith!

Why do you look in the mirror for the Dot? You won't see it. it works in Mysterious Ways, it is invisible. Its great light does not reflect off mirrors. Don't even try! But if you insist, hit yourself in the head with an acorn squash every time you want to see the Dot. Trying to see the Dot is a bad thing to do. The acorn squash will help, believe in it. I can see the Dot glowing just behind your head, it is beautiful. Suppress your desire to see the Dot, that is grasping. Believe in the Dot and it will change your life.

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origin: 2002 Aug 25
updated: 2002 Aug 25