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In a FaceBook posting today (2017 May 08) people people were asking if Pence had actually said something rather awful. It turns out he almost certainly had not ( To find out, one needs to just type part of the statement into google with quote marks. However, this is a bit of effort. I have a couple tools that make it easier. Download these Mac (and maybe Linux) tools and put them on your desktop (or, as I do, put them into a script directory and make a link to them from your desktop). Double click on them to activate. Voila! This tool does a google search of whatever is in your cut/paste buffer. This tool captures the cut/paste buffer into a temporary file (in /tmp) and then puts you into the vim editor for that file. Edit away precisely and quickly! Then write and quit to put the results back into the cut/paste buffer - and voila! You have edited your cut/paste buffer!

If you don't know vim, read about it here: It's several times faster for editing text than stupid GUI boxes on web pages - because one does NOT have to use the mouse for positioning. In combinatation with fb, it means you can type text faster and answer emails faster.

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origin: 2017 May 08
updated: 2017 May 08