Do you like being toyed with?

CNN reports (Feb 22, 2003)

These are clear violations of UN resolution of 1441 as they were not declaired. Even ONE millimeter over the bound of EITHER MEASURE is a VIOLATION! This is because the art of measurement is well known, even in Iraq.

In response, Iraq officials said that "the violations of U.N. restrictions are minor and that the missiles exceeded the 93-mile limit only because they lacked guidance systems during testing."

That's ridiculous. Even if they were sent without guidance (which is doubtful) WITH guidance they could go FURTHER.

Well, not quite. The Iraqui claim that the guidance would reduce their range. Ok. How much? Did the inspectors make a mistake? Why are these missiles without guidance? We know that the scud missiles in 1991 were quite effective in causing lots of problems for Israel without precision. Seems to me they could just as well fire them without guidance and have a pretty good effect! In that case they violating the concept of a distance limit. In any case, they are too big.

If you think that Iraq is not playing around, given these facts, you are being toyed with.

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origin: 2003 Feb 23
updated: 2003 Feb 23