The Management of Web Projects

This page was created for use in my former teaching at the University of Pittsburgh. It is only occasionally updated resulting in many links being more of historical rather than current usefulness. Over time many links will suffer link rot.


CRISIS  AS OPPORTUNITY : The Chinese word for crisis


The Chinese word for "crisis" is made up of two parts: "danger" and "opportunity".

"Danger": originally pictured as a man on the edge of a precipice.

"Opportunity": a reminder of the seemingly small but important opportunity that can come out of danger.



Module 1: Management Considerations

  2. End Game   ["The impending death of corporate life as we know it"]
  3. AT&T Style Guide
  4. Computer Policy and Law Policies List
  5. The Official New York City Web Site STYLE GUIDE
  6. An Outsider's Guide to the W3C - FAQ
  7.    Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines    [ U.S. National Cancer Institute ]
  8. How to Create Really Cool Web Sites
  9. Library of Congress WWW Style Guide
  10. NASA World Wide Web Best Practices
  11. Webmaster Policies
  12. Glenn Research Center WWW Style Guide   Server Policy
  13. Au Fait Communications Terms of Service
  14. State of West Virginia Acceptable Use Policy
  15. GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOL WEB PAGES St. Johns District School System
  16. The Internet Hardlink Co  a list of Polices, Terms of Services, etc.
  17. University of Delaware World Wide Web (WWW) Style Guide
  18. VT University Relations Style Guide for Written Documents
  19. Guidelines/Policies   [New Mexico State University]
  20. Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)
  21. SuperScout for Business
  22. Little Brother is Watching You


Module 2: The Project Life Cycle

  1. Six Stages of a Project   [PowerPoint]
  2. Project Management Institute     The Project Management Body of Knowledge
  3. New Media Project Management
  4. Microsoft Project 2000
  5. Microsoft Project Users Group-Global
  6. ProChain Solutions Home -- Critical Chain Project Management Solutions
  7. Primavera Systems, Inc. - Products and Solutions
  8. KIDASA Software - Milestones, Etc. and Simplicity
  9. Project Management Center's     Directory of Project Management Software
  10. Web Based Project Management Software
  11. Construx's work
  12. Project Management KnowledgeBase


Module 3: The Project Team

  1. Who are you?
  2. Job Roles Who do you want to be today?
  3. Finding and Keeping a Company Web Team
  4. How to Hire the Best Web Developers
  5. Managing Einsteins - LEADERSHIP
  6. Study: Salaries Not Top Concern for IT Pros


Module 4: Planning for a Web Site

  1. How to Write a Request for Proposal for a Web Project


Module 5: Project Scheduling


Module 6: Project Scoping and Estimating

  1. Scope creep
  2. Refining the Project Planning Process


Module 7: Project Control


Module 8: Resource Management


Module 9: Configuration/Change Management


Module 10: Managing Web Content

  1. Justifying a Business Website
  2. Designing a Business Web Site
  3. How To Build Lame Web Sites
  4. Control Web Site Content    [Network Magazine]
  5. Developing Large Commerce-Oriented Web Sites: Controlled Chaos is the Key
  6. Managing Commercial Web Sites
  7. Poor Richard's The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Web Site
  8. Web Site management Tools Download  [The Web Developer's Journal]


Site Management / Team Development Tools

  1. Gartner Web Evaluation Tool
  2. Who will handle your organization's next major Web site update?
  3. StarBase: StarTeam
  4. CyberTeams
  5. WebSite Director
  6. UserLand: Frontier
  7. Red Alert Web Site Monitoring Service
  8. SiteSeer
  9. INSO: DynaBase
  10. PLATINUM: Raveler Content Control System
  11. Sybase: Sybase in Web Computing
  12. Vignette: Content Management

Project Web Sites

  1. Putting Project Management on the Web
  2. CorvusWorks online demo  [username: abccompany password: abc ]
  3. Enterprise Java Solution: WebProject
  4. Mesa/Vista
  5. Dartmouth College   Project Web site   Web Oversight Committee
  6. Working Together, Apart The Web as Project Infrastructure
  7. Secrets of Successful Web Sites
  8. The Project Site [from Secrets of Successful Web Sites]
  9. Aluise and Associates, Inc. [Project Web sites] [Relationship Building]
  10. PictureTel Federal Region [Web Development Site for PictureTel]
  11. C-gull Test page
  12. Alice's Cottage



  1. Project Management Processes, Deliverables, Articles & Tools    [ gantthead ]
  2. The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects
  3. Browse The Project Management Mentor Archives at TechRepublic
  4. Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
  5. Survival Guide Web Site
  6. Steve McConnell's Homepage
  7. Software Project Survival Guide: Resources Organized by Subject
  8. The Project Management Forum
  9. The Project Management Center
  10. ProjectNet Glossary of Project Management Terms
  11. Project Management [Links to various sites]
  12. ALL Project Management (ALLPM.COM)
  13. Spottydog's Project Management Web Site
  14. Tri-Service Software Program Managers Network
  15. Cliff's Pithy Tips for Web Developers
  16. Squishy's Crash Course in Information Architecture
  17. NASA's Software Engineering Lab.
  18. NASA: The Information Systems Center (ISC) Mission/Vision
  19. Software Project Failure: The Reasons, The Costs
  20. Controlling Runaway Projects
  21. The Standish Group: CHAOS
  22. The Standish Group: Unfinished Voyages
  23. Templates Save You Time, Headaches, and RSI
  24. Modular Web Design
  25. Putting It All Together: a Case Design Project
  26. Intranet Design Magazine: Intranet Case Studies by Those Who Know
  27. Effective Intranet Publishing: Getting Critical Knowledge to Any Employee, Anywhere


  1. Designing and Managing Successful Projects [Great article by Stuart Wier]
  2. Writing for the Web  Structuring Documents for a New Medium
  3. International Usability Testing
  4. Site Development   Coordinating multiple people working on a mostly-static site
  5. ArsDigita Server Architecture  Maintaining Web Services
  6. Analyzing Web Site Traffic
  7. The WDVL: Web Design - More than Meets the Eye
  8. Website Navigation [WDVL]
  9. What is good hypertext writing?
  10. vivid studios - Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  11. BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work)


Information Architecture / Usability / Visualizing

  1. Argus Center for Information Architecture
  2. Isys Information Architects Inc.
  3. Information Architects  the book
  4. Argus Associates--Information Architecture
  5. Usable Web: Guide to Web usability resources
  6. Usability Test of Good Documents
  7. Wusage: Usage Statistics For Web Servers
  8. Web Server Statistics for
  9. Browser Statistics: Last 10,000 Hits
  10. Web Log Analysis Who's Doing What, When?
  11. User Interface Engineering
  12. Interface Quiz
  13. A COMPUTER USER'S MANIFESTO   10-point User's Bill of Rights:
  14. Web Site Maps
  15. Internet Publishing Center at the University of Southern California    [Navigation by "rooms"]
  16. Paul Kahn's seminar "Mapping Web Sites"
  17. Dynamic Diagrams: Site Views
  18. Web Site Planning Diagrams  Visualizing/Analyzing an Existing Web Site
  19. Tog's First Principles of Design


  1. Critical Chain  by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  2. Introduction to Critical Chain Project Management   from   ProChain Solutions   [click and drag across the "empty" bottom half of the page]

Resources from Web Development Basics Class

  1. Web Development Basics Class
  2. Tools
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Government
  6. NGO's Non-Profit Sites
  7. Web Design - Development Companies
  8. Web Server Hosting
  9. E-Commerce Service
  10. Web Application Development
  11. Business Application Development

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