Q: "Who are you?"
A: "Who are you?"
Q: "How did I get here?"
A: "You were born."
Q: "Why am I here?
A: "Well, that is the question, isn't it?"
Babylon 5





My background is in communications, not computers. In fact, I think of my computer mainly as a communications terminal; as my window upon the world.

My bachelors' work was in Radio-TV and my Masters Degree is in Cinema, Motion Pictures. I helped pay for my education with Army ROTC and had the privilege of serving as a Photographic Officer and Pictorial Unit Company Commander in the Republic of Korea.

I didn't want to follow a military career; I wanted to follow my love and passion; still photography. I had a photo store and studio for a few years where I sold cameras and took pictures. However, I wanted to get into teaching and for the next six years taught Commercial Photography on the college and post-secondary vocational level.

In the early '80s I joined the one-hour photo/mini-lab revolution and started a chain of four one-hour labs. During this time I became interested in digital imaging as well as conventional photography. This interest led to study of electronic imaging, desk-top publishing, the Internet and finally the new World Wide Web.

In the early '90s I sold my photo lab business and concentrated on Internet and Web training. To be able to teach, I had to be able to do the work; so I did more and more Web Master work.

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