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An Example of Copyright Infringement or Web Page Piracy

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I found the email message below and then made a copy of both web pages to use in my teaching. Please take a look at both the "Copy of Exhibit One" and "Copy of Exhibit Two". [NOTE: Only the page is reproduced and not links from the page.]

Can you tell the "Original" from the "Copy"; which came first?

After looking at both, please read the letter quoted below.
What do you think...?

Copy of Exhibit One:                   [2 Nov 1999]

Copy of Exhibit Two:      [2 Nov 1999]

Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 15:31:09 -0500 (EST)
From: John N Dvorak 
Subject: [idev-l] Outrageous piracy of a Web site: interesting read

This is something I think would interest many on the list and may (should)
outrage the majority of you.

Exhibit One: Website of Jeremy Woollen, local Web designer

I've worked with Jeremy for many years and can attest to the fact that
this site was created 100% by him and all the text therein was writen by
him (or summarized from marketing reports on the Web).  Another words, it
is the real thing.  It's been up for years and he built much of it while
in our employ.

Exhibit Two: Website of another designer in Bel Air, MD:  

Read the first page (the nerve! --and to use the HTML Writers' Guild!),
then actually click on his link to view his site.  If you can, open two
browser windows and read side-by-side.

I am not sure whether to feel angry or laugh myself silly.  Needless to
say, Jeremy--one of the nicest individuals I have ever met--is taking
action.  You are welcome to send a note of displeasure to the violator, or
a note of encouragement to Jeremy.

This is not the first time I have seen this.  Any thoughts or ideas?


John N Dvorak |               
Director of Technology
CapuNet, LLC - Corporate Internet Solutions
(301) 881-4900 x8018

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