Extensible Markup Language: XML

Since everything is but an apparition,
perfect in being what is,
having nothing to do with good or bad
acceptance or rejection,
one may well burst into laughter.

Long Chen Pa
[Fourteenth-Century Tibetan Dzogchen Master]

XML Focus Topics


  1. Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition)
  2. The SGML/XML Web Page   [Robin Cover and OASIS]
  3. The XML Cover Pages
  4. Extensible Markup Language
  5. Migrating from HTML to XML    [Tim Bray]
  6. Introduction to XML, XML and the Second Generation Web   [Tim Bray/Scientific American]
  7. XML - the DNA of the Internet
  8. 9 easy steps to understanding and using XML   TopXML
  9. XMLNews.org
  10. Stretching the Concept of the Document    [Web Techniques]
  11. Marius Garshol’s free XML software page
  12. What the <?XML>
  13. Archive of the XML4Lib Electronic Discussion
  14. XML.com - XML From the Inside Out
  15. XML: Standardizing XML: Standardizing Data in Motion
  16. Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Specification
  17. Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
  18. Extensible Markup Language (XMLTM) Activity    [W3C]
  19. Tag, You're It - STANDARDS: XML    - [CIO Magazine March 15, 2000]
  21. Open Directory's list of XML tutorials
  22. XML: The Digital Library Hammer
  23. XML In 10 Minutes
  24. Semantic Web
  25. Project Cool XML Zone
  26. Behaviors for IE5   
  27. Typewriter Behavior
  28. A Webliography of XML and XML/MARC Related Links.
  29. Ronald Bourret's XML and Databases The Language Of XML Security
  30. Medlane Experiment - MARC to XML   Examples
  31. Transforming XML into HTML    [IBM developerworks]
  32. Transforming XML into SVG    [IBM developerworks]
  33. Transforming XML into PDF   [IBM developerworks]
  34. Tomalak's Realm XML files for Syndication

XML-Based Markup Languages

  1. AnthroGlobe Schema
  2. Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
  3. Astronomical Instrument Markup Language   
  4. Astronomical Markup Language
  5. Bean Markup Language
  6. Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language  (BSML)
  7. BIOpolymer Markup Language       (BIOML)
  8. boleroXML
  9. Channel Definition Format    (CDF)
  10. Chemical Markup Language   (CML)
  11. Cooperation Markup Language
  12. DARPA Agent Markup Language    ( DAML)
  13. Directory Services Markup Language
  14. Dynamic Markup Language
  15. Example XML file of the HAWC instrument which uses iml.dtd.
  16. Extensible User Interface Language     (XUL)
  17. Financial products Markup Language
  18. Gene Expression Markup Language
  19. Geography Markup Language
  20. Geometry Description Mark-up Language  GDML
  21. Human Markup   (HumanML)
  22. Instrument Markup Language: iml.dtd
  23. International Development Markup Language
  24. Java Speech Markup Language  (JSML)
  25. Koala Bean Markup Language
  26. Learning Material Markup Language     (LMML)
  27. Log Markup Language       (LOGML)
  28. Math Markup Language
  29. Meta Content Framework    (MCF)
  30. Mind Reading Markup Language     (MRML)
  31. Molecular Dynamics Language
  32. Music Markup Language
  33. NewsML
  34. News Industry Text Format     (NITF)    Examples
  35. Newspaper Classified Ad ML
  36. PetroXML
  37. Quotation Exchange Language   QEL
  38. rezML    XML DTD and XSL Style-Sheets for the structuring of Resumes and
    Job Listings     
  39. Spacecraft Markup Language    [SML]
  40. Theological Markup Language       (ThML)
  41. Tutorial Markup Language      (TML)
  42. Universal Business Language        UBL
  43. Weather Observation Definition Format
  44. Value Chain Markup Language     VCML
  45. Virtual Instruments Markup Language  VIML
  46. Vocabulary Markup Language     (VocML)
  47. XML for Astronomy


  1. VoiceXML Forum
  2. Voice eXtensible Markup Language (w3c)
  3. VoiceXML Reference
  4. Adapting Content for VoiceXML
  5. IBM Software: IBM WebSphere Voice Server

Voice Portals

  1. Voice "Portals" Let the Web Talk Back
  2. Voice Portals Scream $26 Billion Future
  3. Vocalis SpeecHTML   SpeecHTML Demos
  4. HeyAnita   1-800-44-ANITA
  5. Tellme Networks    Tellme Studio   1-800-555-TELL
  6. BeVocal    1-800-4-BE-VOCAL
  7. VoiceGenie

Microsoft Resources / MSDN

  1. XML Developer Center
  2. XML Workshop
  3. Online XML Developer Center
  4. XML Schema Reference
  5. MSDN Online Samples - XML Validator
  6. MSDN: Web Workshop - XML Area TOC


  1. Validate Your XML Document Using IBM's XML4J Parser
  2. HTML-Kit
  3. XHTML Specification
  4. Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
  5. XSpLit
  6. XML Notepad Release Notes
  7. Downloading XML Notepad
  8. Getting Started with XML Notepad
  9. SAXON DTDGenerator
  10. SeleXML Point & Click XML Editor
  11. XML Validation Form   [Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group]
  12. Oracle 9i XML Demo Homepage


  1. IML Document Type Definition (DTD), iml.dtd (formerly called aiml.dtd)
  2. Example XML file, HAWC.xml of the HAWC instrument which uses iml.dtd.

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