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Write a Hiker

Do you have a question you'd like to ask a hiker about the Trail? If so, you can do it directly from this page - assuming your browser supports the mailto form. If not, see addresses at the bottom of the page.

First though, I would suggest having a look at the "Advice to Hikers" section as well as the "Thru-Hiking FAQ." It's possible that some of your questions will be answered in one of those places.


Gordon Warnica - Gimp of the Grayhounds - warnicag at the domain yahoo.ca - hiked GA-ME in 2003. As a thru-hiker from Canada, he can help answer a lot of questions from Canadians about food drops and the border.

Henry Lafleur - hcl at the domain map dot com - thru-hiked south in 1995 and would enjoy answering questions in regards to hiking south on the "AT". He currently lives in Massachusetts.

Linh and Andrew Barinowski thru-hiked southbound in 1994. They got married 6 months after completing their hike and are currently living in Sicily.

"Tarkus" A.K.A. Marshall DeBerry - mdb at the domain radix dot net - went more than half way in 1994 and you can see some of his cool photos right here.

"Moonshot" - Gerry Gladu hiked the Trail in '93 and has a file of "postcards" which are available.

"TMI Refugee" - Jon Rietmulder - jonr at-the-domain mindspring dot com - hiked rather unprepared in 1979.

"Highlander II" - Craig Bennett - am787 at-the-domain torfree dot net - hiked the whole trail over the course of the summers of '91 and '92, and has just done a thru-hike of the Long Trail in spring of '95.

Ernie Bedell - ernieb at-the-domain mindspring dot com - is an experienced hiker and is particularly knowledgable about the Georgia portion of the A.T. He's also the Information and Education Director for the GATC.

Andy Hiltz, - andy at-the-domain mgfairfax.rr.com managed the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club's trail program (which includes 240 miles of the A.T.) in '90, '91 and '94, and spends a lot of time in the backcountry and has some great photos of it.

"Dead Ahead" - D. Weissne hiked the A.T in '91, and then last summer hiked the Grande Randonne Cinque, a 1476 mile long trail from Amsterdam to Nice.

George Cathcart thru-hiked in 1982 and now lives out in Arizona and may be able to answer questions regarding trails in that state. Home Page

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