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If you've seen my .sig, you'll probably know that I have a recumbent bike. If you'd like to see some pictures of a wide assortment of 'bents, and other Human Powered Vehicles, check out the International Human Powered Vehicle Association as well as Mark Matarella's new (well, new when added the link...) site. You may also wish to check out the home pages of some fellow recumbent riders. (As of early '97, it has upwards of 100 people on it.) If you wish, you can read my FAQ on these rather weird bikes that tend to get one's picture in the paper. (The IHPVA FAQ was originally based on this one.) And here is a post I made to the HPV list in July '94 entitled, "New 'Bent Owner's Comments Log." I was rather surprised recently to see the results of a Webcrawler search on the word "recumbent."

A picture of a Back to Back Recumbent from the Smithsonian Magazine.

There's also a very nice website for the magazine, Bicycle Culture Quarterly. And Recumbent Cyclist News, which is very popular among recumbent riders, has recently (late '96) put up a page, too.

HPV Mailing list archive

A little experiment. Try to see if you can see how this picture was put together. It is not as it seems. (A picture of 2 recumbents and their riders at the top of a snowy Swiss mountain pass resides here.)

And thanks to Mark Matarella, I've now got a pic of me on my bike taken at the TanDemo/BentEvent in '94 or '95 at Larry Black's house in Mount Airy, Maryland. It's an annual event in late August, the last weekend before Labor Day.

Thanks to Bill Trost's home page, you can view an .mpg file of him riding around on his Vision. (It's about 200 k.) The Vision is quite similar to the bike I have, the Haluzak. And then on Bob Brown's page is an .avi of about 540 k. of him riding his Ryanas well as an 800 k. file of Fred and Ginnie Ungewitter from Daytona Beach riding a back to back tandem recumbent.

If you live in the greater D.C. area, and have a 'bent and don't know about WHIRL, drop me a line. They have a regular Saturday morning ride through Rock Creek Park and a mailing list.

Actually, you can find out more about the email list here, see the archives here, and if you want to sign onto it, you can do that from here:

 Join whirl! 
In early '97, Mark M. made a page for WHIRL.] For those not in the D.C. area, there's the HPV list. You can find out more about that in my FAQ, but you might also be interested in having a look at a partial rendering of it right here through Dejanews.

If you want to travel with your bike, you might want to consult George Farnsworth's page on this topic.

In my perusals of various link lists, I keep expecting to come upon a link to the Nomadic Research Labs but, as of yet, I haven't found one. (But then again, I haven't done a very thorough exploration of the Web.) Anyway, I thought I'd include one here. This is the website of Steve Roberts, who's been nomadding around the U.S. for the last decade or so on his recumbent bike, loaded with a massive amount of electronic gadgetry. At the time of this writing, the lab is in San Diego [Note: Now in Santa Clara] the site of an on-going boat-outfitting project, where a pedal-powered boat is being readied to move the travels from roads to waterways. ...and then there are some other Technomads' pages. ....And a very low-tech nomad named Vincent whom you can read about.

Note: The NRL site was made "Cool Site of the Day" in early March, 1995, and is linked in a lot more places now.

Here is a file of biking-related info for the C and O Canal Towpath.

There are SO MANY bike-related sites on the net nowadays. You can probably get to them all via VeloNet {Note: This name has since been appropriated by some company that seems to feel it has exclusive rights to the term "Velo" and so in order to stave off a lawsuit, the site is now known as] or through Steve Ciccarelli's Cyberider Cycling Page. Both lead one to Links of Links of Links of......

Thanks to Andy Hiltz, David Hark, and Steve Ciccarelli for scanning and elsewise fiddling with the Haluzak .gifs. [But don't blame them for the latest weird-looking incarnation in which the bike looks like it's covered with bubbles.]

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