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  Visitor: David W. Morgan
Reference: by computer
   Origin: Honolulu
  WebSite: Free Internet Access from Hawaii
 URL Info: It's about free Internet access from HI
  Contact: damorgan@nyx.net
Date: November 23, 1996

Comments: Hi Kathy, YOur guestbook looks fine in Netscape and Lynx. Apparently WebSurfer doesn't recognize white for the text link. I had better check my own guestbook on WebSurfer, or rather, on a page I created for a friend. I may have to change to #ffffff David

  Visitor: Morgan
Reference: lookin through shepherdstown links
   Origin: Shepherdstown, WV
  WebSite: Wintermute - the Finn's place
 URL Info: pages of my interests and hobbies
  Contact: sfinn@intrepid.net
Date: November 22, 1996

Comments: Nicely done. A certain ellegance to your site's simplicity. I especially like the attention to your sensitivity to more basic browsers (ie Lynx)--not that I use them (I personally push people to get the latest and the best, when possible).

  Visitor: Caron Bunch
Reference: research
   Origin: Ironton, MO
  WebSite: University of Missouri System
 URL Info: University of Missouri provided links
  Contact: wamrequiem@hotmail.com
Date: November 21, 1996

Comments: I am in an Advanced History class and I need all the information I can get. This place has provided a lot and has been helpful. Thanks!

  Visitor: Eugene Brown
Reference: Through the AT page
   Origin: Maine
 URL Info: 
  Contact: ebrown51@telplus.net
Date: November 20, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: wayne broadfield
Reference: needed info on locks!!
   Origin: orginally Indiana = college in philly!!
 URL Info: 
  Contact: broadfieway@hardy.texsci.edu
Date: November 12, 1996

Comments: It is great that you had info on locks!! Thanks a lot you helped my desing project alot!!

  Visitor: Caliope
Reference: fucking around
   Origin: San Antonio, TX
  WebSite: doesn't exist
 URL Info: see above
  Contact: greenApple@juno.com
Date: November 07, 1996

Comments: Just surfing this web thing and found the pretty tree picture. Decided to say hello. HEllo Goodbye.

  Visitor: Chuck Thomas
Reference: via anstr davidson's home page
   Origin: Fairfax, VA
  WebSite: have not created one
 URL Info: 
  Contact: chaxmanian@aol.com
Date: November 06, 1996

Comments: happy to find information about natural areas in the D.C. metropolitan area

  Visitor: BJR
Reference: ...lots of surfing
   Origin: OHIO
 URL Info: 
  Contact: gplibrary@wesnet.com
Date: November 06, 1996

Comments: checking out the AT and surrounding pages...my dream is to hike the comlete AT someday!!

  Visitor: Ken Hayden
Reference: search
   Origin: Harford County, MD
 URL Info: 
  Contact: khayden@ubmail.ubalt.edu
Date: November 06, 1996

Comments: No comment at this time..

  Visitor: Douglas Wolf
Reference: bicycle links
   Origin: now Atlanta,Providence. First, Rockville
 URL Info: 
  Contact: gt5025a@prism.gatech.edu
Date: November 05, 1996

Comments: It was great to see photos of the canal. My compliments on the home page. It looks great. I bicycled the entire towpath in April 1994. It had been a dream of mine for a while, and one day in February, I decided to do it. Unfortunately, I have only been back once, and that was to see the devastation from the January flood. I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. I feel the canal is too valuable to be forgotten, and it is great to see there are so many people out there who share my view. Onc e again, great job. Thanks, Douglas Wolf

  Visitor: Nigel Hamilton
Reference: via British Waterways Page
   Origin: U.K.
  WebSite: N/A
 URL Info: N/A
  Contact: nick@msi.campus-ventures.co.uk
Date: November 05, 1996

Comments: I run a new Narrowboat Hotel company . Sailing the new pair Hind and Hart. On the English Canal network. If you wish to receieve more information please write to: H & H NARROWBOAT HOTELS, 7 BRAMSHILL GARDENS, LONDON NW5 1JJ U.K.

  Visitor: Chuck Arkle
Reference: Webcrawler search for cumberland gap
   Origin: Leverett Ma
  WebSite: Bass Fishing Homepage of the Northeast
 URL Info: Bass fishing information
  Contact: arkle@facil.umass.edu
Date: October 27, 1996

Comments: Very clever.

  Visitor: Dan
Reference: WebCrawler
   Origin: Michigan, USA
  WebSite: ------
 URL Info: ------
  Contact: dldenton@tir.com
Date: October 26, 1996

Comments: No feelings, Just NUM! Happy Halloween!!!!! :)

  Visitor: Walt
Reference: I fingered kathy at the domain fred.net.
   Origin: Clear Spring. MD
  WebSite: The Way of Truth
 URL Info: Our chuch's home page
  Contact: pippin@fred.net
Date: October 23, 1996

Comments: Just wanted to meet some new people, fingered fred.net, saw a new name, tried to write you but 'permission denied' so I fingeredyou, and got this URL. Why and how do yo uhave your 'write' thingy protected? Thanks... BTW, if you ever need something, look for Walt on telnet://ipl.org port 8888 or write or talk to me in UNIX.

  Visitor: Mallika
Reference: by invitation :)
   Origin: currently Denver
  WebSite: still looking for a lot to build on
 URL Info: 
  Contact: mallika@capaccess.org
Date: September 26, 1996

Comments: With so many visitors, how do you keep your homepage so neat??

  Visitor: Karl Teel
Reference: via search  of C&o
   Origin: Baltimore
  WebSite: n/a
 URL Info: n/a
  Contact: consumerseye@earthlink.net
Date: September 25, 1996

Comments: Enjoy bicycilng the c&o, especially overnight trips. Like to share notes with others, particularly those who have done the whole length in 3 days.

  Visitor: David W. Morgan
Reference: Well, I typed g and then...
   Origin: Honolulu, Hawaii at the moment.
  WebSite: David's Hawaiian Adventure
 URL Info: Lots of links to Hawaii
  Contact: damorgan@nyx.net
Date: September 23, 1996

Comments: Glad to see you giving Pergatory a try!

kathy on: Wed Nov 27 21:20:09 1996 from server:

From: Shepherdstown WV
My Website: http://www.fred.net/kathy/

Topic: Testing this guestbook..

As stated in the subject... Just testing this out...

Chris on: Thu Nov 28 13:18:42 1996 from server:

From: Shenandoah Junction WV
My Website: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/3013

Topic: Testing the book

Just followed Kathy here!

David L Atkinson Jr on: Thu Nov 28 18:55:35 1996 from server:

From: Highland Springs VA
My Website: http://

Topic: 1996 AT thru-hiker surfi

Just surfing and trying to find some 1996 AT thru-hikers. I hope I can get some e-mail ids for some AT thru-hikers. Hope to hear from you and/or anyone at the ATC office, Started at Springer on 3/12/96 and climbed Katahdin on 9/24/96. Great hike and many great people on and off the trail.

John on: Thu Nov 28 19:18:11 1996 from server:

From: Ft.Walton Beach, FL US of A.
My Website: http://

Topic: Hi from Florida!

Just browsing and Shepherdstown/AT caught my eye. I grew up near Hancock, MD and attended Shepherd in 1984. Ended up in AF and now find myself in Sandy and sunny FL. Dream of doing AT after AF retirement Hope to have orders to Wash,DC in 1997. Keep fingers crossed. Have a great holiday. I'll be home for Christmas. Please save me some snow!

Art on: Thu Nov 28 20:38:04 1996 from server:

From: Pleasant Grove Utah
My Website:

Topic: another recumbent site..

Hi, Next time you're in the mood for looking at recumbent bikes, try this one. I have trouble getting this one to come up sometimes - keep trying. Yes, there are recumbents even in Utah!

Good site!

  Visitor: Kathy Bilton
Reference: Bookmark...
   Origin: WV
 URL Info: 
  Contact: kathy at 
the domain fred.net
Date: September 23, 1996

Comments: Just testing this new guestbook....

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