How to Stop World War III

Dear Senators Mikulski and Sarbanes:

Please slow down and THINK!!!!!!

As one of your constituents I am horrified by the appropriation you gave to Resident Bush of $20 billion (!) for military action. It will be wasted and will start a world war.

The best way to use this money is to:

  1. Use legal and diplomatic means to hunt down the people responsible. DO NOT USE THE MILITARY. IT WILL ONLY INCITE WORSE RESPONSES! Use $10 BILLION for this purpose. The military could be used as a protective shell for the FBI agents.


This will finally address the REAL PROBLEM in the Middle East. It will finally bring those down trodden people to calmness. It would out flank Bin Laden WHO HAS NOT HELPED THEM EITHER.

Then it will be easy to find the real people who did this horrible act.

An act of kindness to one's supposed enemy in a time of war is all the more poignant.

Tom Schneider

2001 October 7: I am glad to see that the US is not only dropping bombs but also aid to Afganistan. We are slowly learning. It would, of course, be a terrible mistake to stop the aid when the bombs stop.
origin: 2001 September 17
updated: 2001 October 7