How World War III Began

We are at the most dangerous moment in our history. Without knowing who the enemy is, the United States is foolishly preparing for war. At least half of the $40 billion allocated by congress is freely available to the resident of the white house. I say resident instead of president because this man was not elected, yet he carries enormous power in his hands. He completely neglected to carry on the task of Clinton, who sweated to the last minute to bring peace in the Middle East. By his inaction, Bush is the root cause of the current situation. His first reaction to the destruction of a jet liner, part of the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center was anger, demanding that peoples either be with the United States or not. But this neglects the root of the problem that Resident Bush has ignored: the Palestinians will remain angry and desperate for the loss of their homeland. They think that they have nothing to lose by starting a war. But they are wrong, they will lose all chance for peace and our world-wide civilization will be destroyed.

Behind the scenes of destruction in the United States, Israel has been stepping up its atrocities and will happily go to war with its neighbors. Responding attacks against Israel are likely. The United States will come to the aid of Israel. Pakistan will, then, refuse to support the United States. Pakistan will become an enemy in the Bush Black-and-White world view.

But Pakistan has atomic weapons and can turn them against both Israel and the United States. Do we know that there are no biological agents available to angry people in the Mid East?

Oil supplies will be shut off and cities wiped out by atomic weapons. It is not hard to fly a single airplane over a country carrying a bomb. The United States demonstrated this at the end of World War II.

Remember Nuclear Winter? We will finally solve the green house problem by stirring up enough dust to plunge us into an ice age. See the recent movie AI for graphic images of what this will be like.

Unless you stop this war, you will be plunged into darkness.

2001 September 16: As of today Pakistan has chosen the `side' of the United States, averting for the moment the scenerio above. Does this mean we should go to war? Is war containable? Only children hit back, adults solve the problem.

2001 September 17: How to Stop World War III

Tom Schneider

origin: 2001 September 15
updated: 2001 September 19