Molecular Machines

Basic Thermodynamics

Cartoon by S.  Harris.  In a disheveled office is an
unhappy man sitting at a desk.  His tie is loose.  There
are cracks in the window and ceiling, ripped walls,
overturned trash can, phone off the hook, lamp unplugged.
The filing cabinet has the top drawer about to fall out
with papers stuffed into it.  A chart on the wall shows a
decreasing trend.  The door, which opens inward, is off its
upper hinge and leaning at an angle.  On the door is
written 'DEPT.  OF ENTROPY'.
"Department of Entropy"

reproduced with permission, Copyright © by Sidney Harris
S.  Harris cartoon.  A father sits on a chair in his
living room with books in the background and a lamp next to
him.  He is talking to a small boy on his lap and reading
from a book titled 'FACTS OF LIFE'.
"Now, in the second law of thermodynamics..."

reproduced with permission, Copyright © by Sidney Harris

States of Molecules

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Papers on Molecular Machines

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Daemon, limits of computers

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