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Elements in the λ Immunity Region Regulate Phage Development: Beyond the `Genetic Switch'  
Two σ70 promoters of bacteriophage λ are controlled by the LexA SOS reglulon, pLit and pOop. These promoters are displayed using sequence walkers. Blue rectangles are are behind -35 elements and red rectangles are behing the -10 of the promoters. These elements are connected by a rainbow colored bar. Purple rectangles are behind the LexA walkers. (This figure was proposed as the cover of the journal but not used.)

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Phage Development: Beyond the ``Genetic Switch''}",
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Accessory elements in the phage λ immunity region include rexA, rexB and the PLIT promoter; these elements modulate bacteriophage development as λ switches from lysogenic to lytic growth. PLIT transcribes only rexB and is repressed by the Escherichia coli LexA repressor. DNA damage inactivates the LexA and λ CI repressors, causing RexB expression to increase as λ switches to lytic development. Lytic growth is compromised if the level of RexB relative to RexA is reduced.

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