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flexprom: Anatomy of Escherichia coli sigma70 promoters

Figure 1.  Sequence logos of sigma 70 binding components. Figure 5 of flexprom.  Fur represses transcriptional
initiation of tonB.
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Confirmation of Base Flipping in Transcriptional Initiation
Predicted by Information Theory!

In this paper we predicted that base +4 (conventional base number -7) flips out of the DNA to initiate transcription. This was confirmed by two papers:

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(see Figure 1)

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(see reference 11)
See also:
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Start coordinates for sigma70 in E. coli accession U00096:

Components for the sigma70 model

prom.eps is the original Figure 1 of the paper.

Logo for the sigma70 model with conventional numbering.

We used this structure given by Campbell.Darst2002 to determine how the sigma 70 -35 binds to DNA.

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These files show how the 4.2 part of the sigma protein binds into the -35 region of a promoter. Run them as:

rasmolscript 1KU7.pdb -script 1KU7.ras
rasmolscript 1KU7-nowater.pdb -script 1KU7-nowater.ras

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