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sequence walker for human donor splice junctions
sequence logos and walkers for human donor splice junctions,
Cover figure for Nucleic Acids Research, November 1997
Cover figure for Nucleic Acids Research, November 1997
walker: Sequence walkers: a graphical method to display how binding proteins interact with DNA or RNA sequences

See also the companion paper: Information Content of Individual Genetic Sequences

For more infomation see: Individual Information Theory and Sequence Walkers

This is an example of the output of the lister program: fispromoter.jpg DNA sequence from E. coli in the
promoter region for the Fis gene.  Below the sequence are
sequence walkers for Fis sites in front of rectangles
(called petals) with various shades of pink to indicate
different information contents.  There are also a number of
sigma 70 promoters shown by walkers in front of blue boxes
(for the -35) and green boxes (for the -10).  It is clear
that Fis regulates itself from this genetic map.

US patent 5867402 This patent has been abandoned. You are free to use the method.

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origin:    1997 Nov 24
updated: 2021 Nov 03

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