Thomas D. Schneider
photograph of Thomas D. Schneider, May 2016
May 2016
Small photograph of Thomas D. Schneider, November 1995
November 1995

Thomas D. Schneider

human donor splice site sequence logo tiny gumball machine
sequence walker for human donor splice junctions
Molecular computer circuit diagram for a NOR gate made
  from one repressor protein blocking two different activator
right handed DNA molecule with striped atoms that
  looks like delicious candy
nanotechnology: Medusa(TM) Sequencer
An arrow bent in a full circle.
Geometry for optimal bistate molecular machines.  Two
  concentric circles are connected by a horizontal line
  segment running from the outer circle on the left, tangent
  to the inner circle in the middle and to the outer circle
  on the right.  Behind the circles are concentric colors in
  a spectrum running red at the center to purple on the edge
  representing lower to higher energy.

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