Recent News
17Dec04: v0.11.5dev. Compressed GIF support returns with gd2.0.28
19Feb04: Perl Mod for V0.11.4 available on CPAN
27Mar03: PyGDChart2 nullcube's new Python interface. V0.11x support; New OO interface; Documentation.
23Mar03: v0.11.4dev now available. Bug fixes and performance improvements in PIE charts.
11Mar03: v0.11.3dev Minor bug fixes in PIE charts.
4Apr02: v0.11.2dev ANSI C compliant code. GCC, though suggested, should no longer be required.
28Feb02: v0.11.1dev made available. gd2.0. Optional TrueType fonts [FreeType2.x]. Horizontal & angled axis labels.
17Jun01: v0.11.1 is in the works. Sneak Preview.
14Apr01: v0.10.1dev made available. Uses gd1.8.x. Support for GIF, PNG, JPEG, and other features.
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Easy to use C API, high performance library
Create charts and graphs in PNG, GIF and WBMP format

 ANSI C compatible. Compiles with VC++, Sun C/C++.
 True Type Font support now available in v0.11.1
Every sample shown was created
with about 5 lines of C code
CGI code sample
Richard Palmer's Perl Mod
Matt Hempel's Perl Module V1.0
nullcube's V2 Python Interface

Available types
  • Line
  • Area (Mountain)
  • Bar
  • Floating Bar
  • HiLoClose*
  • Combo HLC Area*
  • Combo HLC Bar*
  • Combo Line Bar
  • Combo Line Area
  • Combo Line Line
  • Pie
  • Scatter
  • 3D Line (Ribbon)
  • 3D Area
  • 3D Bar
  • 3D Floating Bar
  • 3D HiLoClose*
  • 3D Combo HLC Area*
  • 3D Combo HLC Bar*
  • 3D Pie

  • Chart Options
  • Titles
  • Axis Labels
  • Sizeable/Colorable Fonts
  • Fraction or Decimal Label
  • Background Grid
  • X & Y Axis
  • Bar Width
  • HiLowClose Style*
  • 3D Depth
  • 3D Angle
  • Data Set Color
  • Point Color
  • Background Color
  • Transparent Background
  • Background Image
  • MORE...
  • Pie Options
  • Title
  • Slice Labels
  • Percentage Labels
  • Sizeable/Colorable Fonts
  • Exploded Slices
  • Missing Slices
  • Edging
  • 3D Depth
  • 3D Angle
  • Perspective
  • Slice Color
  • Background Color
  • Transparent Background
  • MORE...
  • * Hi Low Close Styles
             (Can be combined)
      - Connecting Line
      - Connected by Previous Close
      - 'I' Capped
      - Close 'Diamond'

    Multiple data sets can be stacked, layered, or side-by-side.
    Gaps in data are allowed.
    ( Intersecting 3D lines, negative values in stacked data sets - even MSGraph (Excel) can't do this! )

    Many, many thanks to Thomas Boutell and his gd gif library, on which gdchart relies.

    It's been compiled and tested on:
  • Linux (Slackware)
  • Solaris (2.6, 2.51)
  • SunOS
  • HPUX (9, 10)
    GDChart is in wide use on many platforms

  • gcc 2.7 (or higher) required
  • 3D angle can be adjusted, 3D view can not
  • No horizontal charts
  • Scant error checking

  • Legends
  • Optional scaling of values
  • IMG MAPing for browser-clickable data sets
  • Users manual

    Known Problems
  • Stacked AREA charts
  • Y label values aren't scaled - handles <= ~10,000,000
        Very easy to modify possible Y intervals to accomodate larger values
        May be made an option in a future release.
  • Lib is not thread safe. Could easily be made so, if really needed.

    See the README file for more details.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, problems, bugs, etc.
    Bruce Verderaime