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The basic idea of InContext Editing is that a site's editable content is mediated by an Adobe server, configured to have FTP access to the site.

Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 software supports InContext Editing. Dreamweaver CS3 and earlier versions do not support InContext Editing.

A free preview of InContext Editing will be available for users in the United States in October 2008.

I've been awaiting the new Adobe InContext Exiting with great interest since I saw it at Adobe Labs. Having used and taught Contribute  for a few years now I was interested in how they related to each other. I was happy to see the site up and available, so I went to sign up.

This would have been easier if Dreamweaver CS4 Beta included ICE but it doesn't So far,Dreamweaver CS4 isn't available for trial or purchase. So, I read the tutorials, found the required files [I hope] and upload them.

All looks right with the world... Now to sign up...

Adobe InContext Editing homepage

ICE about screen

Every time I turned around it seemed that my password was checked.

Reconfirm Password box

I set up web site...

Configure Website tabs

entered the required information...

Configure Website

and I was in business,

David's Adobe InContext Editing homepage

I needed some users to help me test; so I invited a few, myself included.

Who would you like to invite? box

Nice conformation that the invitation had been sent.

Inventation sent

With all the world, who would I like to invite?

Invite users

Then it was time to manage my users...

manage my users

Now, I needed a page to work on...

But not having Dreamweaver CS4, only the Beta Dreamweaver CS4 which doesn't have ICE, I was out of luck.

Can't try... Can'y buy... Now what?


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