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Delila Software

Delila programs are used to analyze DNA sequences and to make Sequence Logos and Sequence Walkers.

System Requirements

  • Operating System I recommend a Unix operating system but it is not required.
  • Programs The Delila programs are written in the language Pascal, so to run them you would either need a binary or you have to compile the source code.

    Binaries for Delila Programs

    Since I now work on a Mac OS X computer, the only kind of binary I could supply is for that computer. Currently I am not providing binaries.

    Compiling Delila Programs

    For historical reasons the Delila programs were written in Pascal because it was the best language available at the time. It is a good language for teaching and as a consequence it is quite good for building solid logic.

    Because I use the original Jensen and Wirth definition of Pascal, any good, standard native Pascal compiler should compile the Delila programs. Originally the programs were compiled on Vax and CDC Pascal compilers with no problems.

    Compilers for Delila Programs:

    1. The Sun Microsystems Compiler WORKED WELL but HAS BEEN ABANDONED.

    2. Using p2c to translate, and gcc to compile the C versions
      under Unix WORKS WELL.

    3. Recommended The GNU Pascal Compiler (gpc) is a great way to transport these programs. As of the latest release GPC will now work on Delila Programs! THIS WORKS WELL.
      2014 Feb 24

      GPC Compiling without flags on Mac OS X 10.9 does not work

      The GNU Pascal version 20070904, based on gcc-3.4.6 gives code that does not function. Here's how to compile on Mac OS X 10.9 (for now):
      % gpc hello.pas -Wl,-macosx_version_min,10.7,-no_pie

    WARNING: Free Pascal or any other Borland Turbo Pascal based compiler will NOT WORK with Delila programs. That compiler does not understand file pointers and the get() and put() functions, which are part of the original Jensen and Wirth Pascal. Unfortunately these compilers do not follow the ISO standard.

    Pascal Resources:

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    Systems to which Delila programs have been ported

    by Jim Ellis (except where noted)

    The systems that run the ghostview map and gs walk combinations are as follows:

    Executables and libraries need to be installed properly for each machine, which is generally no problem for the Windows machines. Data files, i.e., postscript, should be transferred as ascii types. Many people forget this detail.

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