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Talks by Tom Schneider

human donor splice site sequence logo sequence walker for human donor splice junctions head of Tyrannosaurus Rex gumball machine Geometry for optimal bistate molecular machines.  Two
concentric circles are connected by a horizontal line
segment running from the outer circle on the left, tangent
to the inner circle in the middle and to the outer circle
on the right.  Behind the circles are concentric colors in
a spectrum running red at the center to purple on the edge
representing lower to higher energy.
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Online Talks

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About Giving Talks


I give talks about molecular information theory, including information theory, sequence logos, sequence walkers, and the theory of molecular machines. My standard talk

Molecular Information Theory: From Clinical Applications to Molecular Machine Efficiency

discusses sequence logos, sequence walkers and their application to medical problems, followed by an introduction to the efficiency of molecular machines. Papers on these topics are available online, although I will often mention new results not given there.

One hour talks generally have two parts:

These talks are designed to be 1 or 2 hours long (including questions). Because the four segments take about a half hour each, all of these topics can be covered in two hours, in the order given above. In one hour I give the introduction followed by one of the three second halves. If I have less than an hour I will have to skip parts of the second topic, because the first part of the talk is required to get people up to steam.

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  Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D.

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