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p53: Discovery of novel tumor suppressor p53 response elements
using information theory

Sequence logos for 68 p53 binding sites (from Funk) and
132 p53 binding sites (from natural sites).
author = "I. Lyakhov
 and K. Annangarachari
 and T. D. Schneider",
title = "{Discovery of Novel Tumor Suppressor p53 Response
Elements Using Information Theory}",
journal = "Nucleic Acids Res.",
volume = "36",
pages = "3828--3833",
pmid = "18495754",
year = "2008"}

Additional Data Files

The fasta files are the data from the original papers. The sequence logos were generated from the aligned sequences. The sequence walker lister map were made using our natural p53 model scanned over the sequences.

Data Set sequence file Delila
logo postscript logo PDF map postscript map PDF
Lyakhov et al. seq-data.book seq-data.inst seq-data-logo.ps seq-data-logo.pdf seq-data-map.ps seq-data-map.pdf
Funk et al. funk.fasta funk.inst funk-logo.ps funk-logo.pdf funk-map.ps funk-map.pdf
El-Deiry et al. el-deiry.fasta el-deiry.inst el-deiry-logo.ps el-deiry-logo.pdf el-deiry-map.ps el-deiry-map.pdf

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origin: 2008 May 22
updated: 2014 Jan 05 CLCA2 prediction confirmed!
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