Database Connectivity using FrontPage

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General FrontPage Information

  1. Microsoft Knowledge Base articles about FrontPage 2000.
  2. Features That Require FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
  3. How to Use the Compatibility Tab in FrontPage
  4. Publishing with Microsoft FrontPage 2000
  5. Some FrontPage Components Do Not Work on Disk-Based Webs

Database Connectivity using FrontPage

  1. Microsoft FrontPage Database Resources   []
  2. FrontPage Resources
  3. FrontPage 2000 Database Resource Center
  4. FrontPage Database Integration    [FP98]
  5. ASP Web Wizard 2000 for Databases Available for Download    Aspwebwiz2k.exe    [1.95mb / 10.5min@28.8]     Word Document Version    [390kb / 2min@28.8]
  6. Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Web Database
  7. How to Set Up User and Parameter Populated Criteria Fields
  8. Saving the Active Server Page
  9. Database Connection Requires ADO for Inserting or Browsing Database Results
  10. How to Display a Confirmation Page When You Save Records to a Database
  11. Inside Office 2000 / Working with Access data in FrontPage
  12. Access Resources
  13. Working with Form Results in Your FrontPage 2000-Based Web
  14. Troubleshooting IDC
  15. How to Return a List of Records as Hyperlinks Using ASP
  16. How to Display a Picture Using a Microsoft Access Database
  17. How to Display Access 2000 Hyperlinks in a FrontPage Web
  18. How to Display Formatted Information in a FrontPage 2000 Database Region
  19. How to Use an Excel Worksheet as a Data Source in FrontPage
  20. How to Use ASP to Generate DHTML-Enabled Tables
  21. How to Use ADOSelect to Troubleshoot ASP Pages in FrontPage
  22. FrontPage 2000 Creates Access 2000 Database Files
  23. How to Create Data Access Page Linked to Access Database in FrontPage Web
  24. How to Add Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Types to Personal Web Server
  25. HTML Tools for FrontPage 2000
  26. All FrontPageHowTo Database Examples
  27. Inserting Database Objects with FrontPage 2000   [National Center for Manufacturing Sciences]
  28. Database Wizardry with FrontPage 2000    [Web Techniques, September 1999]
  29. Northwind Traders Direct Sample Application   5298.exe     [637kb / 3.25min@28.8]

Server / Extensions

  1. FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for Windows
  2. Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit Index
  3. Information about how to obtain a copy of Personal Web Server
  4. Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 for Windows    fpse02_x86_ENG.exe    [The current version is]
  5. Installing FrontPage and Personal Web Server
  6. FrontPage 2000 Personal Web Server Vulnerability Patch 2000
  7. FrontPage Personal Web Server Supports Standard CGI Only
  8. How to Configure and Administer Personal Web Server
  9. Updated FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit Available    fp2kserk.exe    [405 kb / 3min@28.8]

Database Queries

  1. How to Search Using LIKE In SQL Statement For ASP
  2. How to Return a List of Records as Hyperlinks Using ASP
  3. How to Display a Picture Using a Microsoft Access Database
  4. How to Filter a Database Query Using a List
  5. How to Update Information in a Microsoft Access Database Using FrontPage 2000 and ASP
  6. How to Delete a Record from Microsoft Access 2000
  7. How to Add an All Values Item to a Database Query
  8. How to Run a Query from a Drop-Down Menu
  9. How to Create a Table of Contents to Filter Database Results Using ASP
  10. Dynamic Sorting of Database Results in FrontPage 2000

FrontPage 2000 and Data Access Pages

  1. Deploying Data Access Pages on the Internet
  2. Deploying Data Access Pages on the Internet or Your Intranet
  3. Connecting Data Access Pages Together
  4. Creating Secure Data Access Pages
  5. Working with Data Access Pages in FrontPage 2000
  6. Programming Data Access Pages

SQL tutorials

  1. Introduction to Structured Query Language
  2. SQL Tutorial   [W3Schools]
  3. Interactive/On-line SQL Tutorial with SQL Interpreter & live practice database

ASP: Active Server Page

  1. An ASP You Can Grasp: The ABCs of Active Server Pages    [Updated May 28, 1997]
  2. ASP - Active Server Pages Resources   []
  3. So What's an Active Server Page?
  4. Chili!Soft: Platform independent Active Server Pages    Chili!Soft ASP Resources
  5. Programming ASP
  6. Introduction to ASP For Web Developers
  7. ASP 101
  8. ASP Quick Lessons
  9. by Charles Carroll
  11. 15 Seconds
  13. Active Server Pages Development Support Resources
  14. FAQs & Highlights for Active Server Pages

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