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No matter how things shake out, there's plenty of market share to go around, says Seamus McAteer, an analyst at Jupiter Communications LLC (www.jup.com). "There's a considerable amount of money to be made delivering Internet content to non-PC devices over the next five to 10 years," he says. "The market is still wide open."
Developers Focus On Internet Appliances

  1. The Wireless Mobile Internet
  2. WebSurfer
  3. WebSurfer Pro Picture Page
  4. Cidco MailStation
  5. Infogear iPhone
  6. Landel Mailbug
  7. Netpliance i-opener
  8. Microsoft Pocket PC
  9. Microsoft Handheld PCs
  10. Who Makes Handheld PC
  11. Microsoft Mobile Devices
  12. Timex Beepwear Series
  13. Dell webpc   [Dell.com]
  14. The Internet Fax Box
  15. ARRO Group: Internet Appliances   [iphone and Aplio/Phone]
  16. Waypoint: Public Internet Access Kiosks    [Gallery of Kiosk Design]
  17. Internet Appliances and Universal Access
  18. Comdex: Internet appliances to steal the show
  19. Designing Internet Appliances Requires A Systems Approach   [Wireless Systems Design: January 2000 ]
  20. Developers Focus On Internet Appliances
  21. An Internet-Connected Elmo Doll?!
  22. allNetDevices   [the complete source of news and information about handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes and other devices that connect to the Internet.]
  23. Planet IT: : Web Design & Development
  24. Web-connected refrigerator
  25. Software Tracks Site Usability
  26. Fone Camera Image?
  27. NEO Internet appliance
  28. Qubit


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