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by Tom Schneider

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LaTeX is a typesetting language that runs circles around standard word processing programs because ... it is a true language. This means you can define new commands and do rather complex things. It is not really any harder to use than standard word processing programs such as Word or WordPerfect but it beats them hands down.

Because it is a vastly superior, permanent document preparation method, I write all my scientific papers, in LaTeX and then convert them automatically to html with latex2html, and to postscript and (more recently) to pdf with ghostscript. An example is the Information Theory Primer.

BiBTeX is a program associated with LaTeX that creates bibliographies. The format of the bibliographies is defined by a "bst" file, which is a programming language. The nice thing about BiBTeX is that you simply insert things like \cite{Shannon1948} into your text and the programs take over from there, automatically formatting and sorting the references.

Why LaTeX?
A short video introducing LaTeX.
Online Demo! To see LaTeX in action, Some gears will turn and it will give you a typesetting of the text. The Unofficial LaTeX Manual:

Simple but complete demonstration of LaTeX and BibTeX by Tom Schneider. This requires that you have LaTeX set up on your computer. Demonstration of precise page placement using PSTricks, by Tom Schneider. This requires that you have LaTeX set up on your computer. The griddemo: directory is available for inspection. In particular, you can see the resultant griddemo.pdf.

This is the new location of the website. A permanent url that will always point to wherever this page goes is:
If you bookmark that (as opposed to where it currently points) you will always find the page.

Why Use LaTeX?

Curves for MS Word versus LaTeX on a graph of effort and
time consumption against document complexity and size.  MS
Word takes less effort for small documents but quickly
overtakes LaTeX and soon becomes impossible to use for
complex typesetting jobs that LaTex can handle.
MS Word takes less effort for small documents but
quickly overtakes LaTeX and soon becomes impossible
to use for complex typesetting jobs that LaTeX can handle.
Image by Marko Pinteric. Permission granted for image.

When used in conjunction with the atchange program, LaTeX and BiBTeX become automated and act like a WYSIWYG-AIWYW (What You See Is What You Get - And It's What You Wanted). The program medlinebib will convert from Medline bibliography format to BiBTeX. Atchange can be used to automate the process. new (New as of 1999 September 9)

This page has three major parts:

BiBTeX Bibliography and LaTeX Style Formats for Biologists

I cannot guarantee that these formats are exactly the same as the journal formats, in part because the journals change them and in part because the journals sometimes use rather complex rules. They are pretty good and we have published all of our papers using them (since 1987). Generally a journal will modify a format at typesetting stage.

LaTeX2e for class and package writers

To use:
  • Obtain the file(s). ALL .bst, .sty and .cls files described here are now available from:
  • Store the file. There are two methods:
      If you are the systems administrator: The program texhash will register any thing beyond the main (texmf) directory. The man page for texhash has more information.
    • Put the style in the texmf directory
    • Run texhash
      If you are not the systems administrator (or can't get them to do it):
    • put the whatever.sty and whatever.bst file in your archive directory.
    • Make a link to the archive copy (eg, use lk)
  • mention the whatever.sty file like this: \usepackage{whatever} before your \begin{document}.
  • mention the whatever.bst file like this: \bibliographystyle{whatever} after the \begin{document}.
  • How to control capitalization. Normally BiBTex calls a routine to decapitalize everything except the first character of the title. However, BiBTex in general will leave the capitalization alone when you surround the text with braces like this: "{CAPITALS left alone}". If you have looked at atchange and the medlinebib programs, you will see that they take the pubmed formats and put {} around all of the text to preserve it. This probably will solve your problem for specific cases where you want capitals, without you having to change any code.

From communication by email, they accept LaTeX
BiBTeX Style
A yellow box indicates that the journal accepts LaTeX.
LaTeX Style other files and comments
  Acta Biotheoretica (Springer)
(old files: amnat.bst, amnat.dbj )
  The American Naturalist.
According to their instructions they will accept LaTeX. The dbj was used to produce the bst. Thanks to Dr. Michael Kopp for this bst. new as of 2007 Dec 23
2009 Mar 26: A revised version of the American Naturalist BibTeX BST style file is available, thanks to Ted Pavlic.
animcog.bst   Animal Cognition (Springer)
Thanks to Joanna J. Bryson (Artificial models of natural Intelligence - AMONI) for this bst.
Use it in conjunction with the numberlabel.sty style file (for unbracketed references), the citesupernumber.sty file (for superscript citation numbers) and the citecollapse.sty file (for concise citation numbers as 1-4 instead of 1,2,3,4). NOTE: \usepackage{cite} instead. American Journal of Human Genetics
The first version was: ajhg1.01.bst by Stefan Böhringer . The University of Chicago Press, which publishes AJHG says: "Special Instructions for Mathematical and Other Non-ASCII Symbols. Authors of math-intensive articles are strongly urged to format their articles in LaTeX. This is particularly important if the articles contain numerous or complex equations." BRAVO!! thumb pointing up with a green sleeve
The second version, by Amy L. Williams was based on the more recent AJHG_Information_for_Authors.pdf.
biochemistry.bst the sty file is not available yet Biochemistry Thanks to Sonja M. Schwarzl,, for this. She notes:
One has to add
  \usepackage[round, comma, sort&compress]{natbib}
into the preamble and
right after the \begin{document}.
The only thing that is missing is that the
numbers should be italics rather than normal text
when citing something. I did not manage to change
this. however, I hope that this is a minor detail
and the journal editors can change it
Theoretically these things could/should be done in a sty file ...
BiochemJ2008.bst a sty file is not available yet Biochemical Journal Thanks to Karl Blum for this. new (new as of 2008 May 19):
Use the files from the journal! (Our old file: bioinformatics.bst) Use the files from the journal! (Our old file: bioinformatics.sty) Bioinformatics (formerly CABIOS). Thanks to Bruce Shapiro for the initial files. At PREPARING YOUR MANUSCRIPT Bioinformatics now provides LaTeX templates, but they are not compulsory! thumb pointing up with a green sleeve

Biomed Central

As of 2002 April 8, Biomed Central accepts DVI files for paper submissions. thumb pointing up with a green sleeve
biophysj.bst Manuscript Templates
Biophysical Journal. These links are found from the Author Instructions. thumb pointing up with a green sleeve Thanks to Nuno Loureiro Ferreira for the original links.
    Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, cjfas
See also the publisher: National Research Council of Canada
Thanks to Axel G.Rossberg for pointing this one out new as of 2012 May 16.
cell.bst cell.sty Cell

cite.sty cite.sty is the most modern control of citations within text. It replaces citecollapse. It can be used in conjunction with citeparens.

citecollapse.sty replaced by cite 2009 Jul 09

citeparens.sty Sets parenthesis to be '()' instead of the default '[]' of cite.sty. This also can be done using the controls of cite.sty.

citesupernumber.sty Makes citations be superscript. Replaced by cite 2009 Jul 09
consbiol.bst Conservation Biology new as of 2011 Dec 07. Thanks to Marissa Baskett who notes: "I've created it to be used with natbib.sty (with \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{} to get the formatting right)".
control.bst control.sty Basic format for building bst files.
cv.bst cv.sty CV bst and style by Tom Schneider
Style by Jason Blevins

ecology.bst natbib.sty (part of LaTeX) Ecology (journal published by the Ecological Society of America) Thanks to Henrique Miguel Pereira, PhD,,, who provided it.
Ecology Letters, thanks to Dr. Michael Kopp. The ecol_let_raw.dbj file is also available for regenerating the bst file.

Evolution (volume index) now accepts LaTeX files. The evolution.dbj file is also available for regenerating the bst file. Thanks to Dr. Michael Kopp for pointing this out.


Gene, an Elsevier Journal thumb pointing up with a green sleeve Preparing Documents with LaTeX.
See Elsevier publisher information.
genetics.bst Genetics accepts LaTeX! thumb pointing up with a green sleeve Thanks to Stuart Macgregor who published a paper (Genetics, 171:1365-1376, 2005) there using LaTeX. He made the bst using makebst. Stuart has also kindly supplied two small template files that people can use for Genetics, genetics.tex and genetics.bib. There is no sty file.

Dr. Michael Kopp modified the bst slightly to add a comma before the 'and' in the author list. Looking at the example above one can see that their rules are rather whacky: add a comma only if there are two authors! The other whacky rule of Genetics is that the first author is listed in the form "LAST, INITIALS" but all later authors are of the form "INITIALS LAST".
2008 May 12. Rutger Hermsen notes:
1. Jarle Tufto has a simple style file for Genetics to correct the appearance of the headers:
2. The bibliography style "genetics.bst" correctly formats the bibliography for Genetics, but the citations in the text are not entirely correct. In the Genetics style, there is no interpunction between the author and the year, while by default natbib.sty inserts a comma. This can easily be fixed by putting the following line in the preamble of the article (after loading natbib):
3. The name of the References Section is "Literature Cited" in Genetics; before the \bibliography statement one should therefore add the following line:
\renewcommand\refname{Literature Cited}

Ideally, the template by Stuart Macgregor could be adjusted to include these points. This amounts to replacing the line
in that file by:
\usepackage{natbib} \bibpunct{(}{)}{;}{author-year}{}{,} \usepackage{genetics}
and inserting
\renewcommand\refname{Literature Cited}
directly after

Genetics style by Eric C. Anderson.

html.sty This style file allows LaTeX to be converted to html by latex2html. You can find these files at CTAN, search for 'latex2html'.
latex2html at CTAN. To get just the html.sty file,
       gunzip latex2html-2012.tgz
       tar xvf latex2html-2012.tar
       cd latex2html-2012/
       ls */html.sty
This gives: texinputs/html.sty
gastroent.bst gastroent.sty Gastroenterology Requires natbib.sty in the document. Written by Herbert Plass,, Vienna, Austria.
Genome Biology: Use BioMed Central's TeX template to prepare your manuscript for submission Use BioMed Central's TeX template to prepare your manuscript for submission Genome Biology accepts TeX and LaTeX! Instructions for Authors say: Use BioMed Central's TeX template to prepare your manuscript for submission
Thanks to Ramón Díaz-Uriarte for his version, GenomeBiology.bst (This is a link to Ramón Díaz-Uriarte's file.) new (new as of 2005 Sep 5):
genres.bst genres.sty Genome Research. The style uses package natbib to allow control over references. TO DO CITATIONS:
gives (Petitjean, 2007; ...);
el-Deiry (1992).
For additional example documentation, see the Reference sheet for natbib usage.
gcb.bst natbib.sty   Global Change Biology new as of 2008 Dec 18. Thanks to Marissa Baskett who notes: "to be used with natbib.sty".
heredity.bst   Heredity new as of 2008 Jul 22. Thanks to Thibaut Jombart (or this page) who notes: "It requires the natbib package. ... To comply with the requirement of the journal, one should also use abbreviations for journal titles, but I do not think this is up to the bibtex style (I did it using jabref)."
humanmutation.bst humanmutation.sty Human Mutation

IUCR (International Union of Crystallography) journals such as Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography thumb pointing up with a green sleeve
download from IEEE download from IEEE IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).
IEEEtran.cls is the official IEEE LaTeX class for authors of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions journals and conferences. Support sites: and thumb pointing up with a green sleeve
See Elsevier LaTeX instructions See Elsevier LaTeX instructions iScience
jbact.bst jbact.sty Journal of Bacteriology
jeb.bst, jeb.dbj   Journal of Evolutionary Biology.
They accept LaTeX. The dbj was used to produce the bst. Thanks to Dr. Michael Kopp for this bst.
jxb.bst   Journal of Experimental Biology officially doesn't accept LaTeX submissions, but at least this gives the right bibliography formatting for anyone first creating their manuscript in LaTeX and then converting it to rft or Word. It needs to be used with natbib.sty (\usepackage{natbib}). Thanks to Marissa Baskett. new as of 2011 Apr 11
Journal of Mathematical Biology "Springer Verlag has developed TeX and LaTeX macro packages for different journals." thumb pointing up with a green sleeve Apparently the above contains outdated files, but more recent ones can be found at their ftp site (Thanks to Michel Durinx for pointing this out!)
HOWEVER those are (still) dated 2004. In 2007 Ted Pavlic wrote to me "I've been trying to fix and modernize some of the Springer LaTeX support files for the Journal of Mathematical Biology (JMB). I've come up with these..." Preamble for Journal of Mathematical Biology and LaTeX Support :: Fixes and Suggestions for Springer's Journal of Mathematical Biology"
JMB: on the page "The elsarticle LaTeX document class" The elsarticle LaTeX document class see the section on Bibliographic styles. elsart.cls (standard file), ftp/elsartUSA.cls (my modification for USA) Journal of Molecular Biology NEW FORMAT CHANGE!! new (as of 2003 Feb 14) JMB is now under Elsevier, and they accept LaTeX! Preparing Documents with LaTeX
See Elsevier publisher information.
Journal of Vision Journal of Vision Thanks to Tobias Elze (or here) for pointing this out!
jss.bst. See notes jss.sty. See notes Journal of Statistical Software provide their own LaTeX Style Files! thumb pointing up with a green sleeve thumb pointing up with a green sleeve Please obtain the files from them so you get the latest version.
jsupercomp.bst jsupercomp.sty
jtb.bst jtb.sty Journal of Theoretical Biology Note: JMB changed their reference format so JTB is now completely separated.
As part of Elsevier, Journal of Theoretical Biology now accepts LaTeX! Elsevier LaTeX file guidelines

2008 Jul 30: See Elsevier publisher information.
For Springer medical, life sciences, chemistry, geology, engineering and computer science publications: spbasic.bst (also for Springer mathematics, computer science, and physical sciences journals publications: spmpsci.bst )
Marine Biology, a Springer Journal, takes LaTeX. new as of 2009 July 20. Thanks to Evan Howell for the tip.
The LaTeX macro package is a zip file. Download it and change its name to and then unzip it. Deep down under several directories you will find LaTeX materials. This is very inconvenient.
Medical Physics Medical Physics Thanks to Tobias Elze (or here) for pointing this out!
Methods in Enzymology
molcellbiol.bst molcellbiol.sty
molecularEcology.bst original source:
Molecular Ecology written by Yannick Wurm. His paper using this bst/style was published.

Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, JABES, by Eric C. Anderson.

Journal of the American Statistical Association, JASA, by Eric C. Anderson.
nci.bst nci.sty and ulem.doc (part of LaTeX2e, call in preamble as \usepackage[normalem]{ulem}) application forms in the NCI RedBook. There are two test files, nci.bib, which is a BiBTex bibliography, and nci.tex, which is a LaTeX file to test the bibliography. new New as of 2000 Nov 28
nih nih.sty (link to another web site) Using LaTeX for NIH Grant Applications by Bruce Donald. New as of 2004 March 15, corrected 2008 Nov 15.
See also Writing NIH Grant Application in LaTeX by J. Hrabe
nar.bst The old style file is nar.sty DEPRECATED
The newer style file is: narfront.cls DEPRECATED

These are now REPLACED by the files from NAR.
The mininmum files needed are: You can use the nartest Unix script to test the package.
Nucleic Acids Research instructions to authors
  • 2000 Sep 13: nar.bst includes titles as specified by NAR.
  • 2001 Jun 15: now periods after titles!!
  • 2003 May 28: front mechanism for authors using narfront.cls!
  • 2004 June 7: LaTeX is an accepted format!
  • 2004 Dec 13: revision to nar.sty to make nicer sections/subsections.
  • 2005 Feb 5: narfront.cls is functional. A complete working example is narsample.tar.Z. Note: the files narfront.cls and nar.sty have not been fully merged.
  • 2008 Jan 7: Manuscript central now takes zip files. This means one can download the LaTeX files together.
  • 2008 May 22: For fonts we recently used:
    \usepackage{pslatex} % Times New Roman Font
  • 2009 Jun 23: NEW new Preparing and Submitting Your Manuscript! NAR LaTeX files from Oxford Journals (zip file)
    The files are not working quite yet ...
  • 2010 Mar 08: Preparing and Submitting Your Manuscript now links to which WORKS!
  • 2012 Jul 01: Long-Sheng Kuo, a postdoc at National Taiwan University, discovered that the L of his name was missing from the author list. Vladimir Lomov found that the problem was in the NAR.cls and he provided a solution (as recorded in the tug texhax mail archives). Thanks also to Philip Taylor and Michael Doob for confirming it. The new NAR.cls version number is 2012/07/01 v1.5.
namedplus.bst namedplus.sty Journal of Neuroscience and other similar (apalike, but different) styles. They use parens around citations and allow four types of citation macros: \cite, \citeauthor, \citeyear, \citenoparens, and \citetext \citenoparens gives you the standard Darwin, 1873 with no parentheses so you can do stuff like (see \citenoparens{darwin1873}). \citetext gives you Darwin (1873). The output comes out as a full list of authors (year) and then the standard rest of the stuff. I've used it for Journal of Neuroscience, Hippocampus, and other similar journals. new (new as of 2000 April 12).
numberlabel.sty DEPRECATED (formerly this was nature.sty)
Nature. use in conjunction with citesupernumber.sty. new (new as of 2000 Dec 12): naturefem.sty provides a function that converts from LaTeX footnote numbers to the ones demanded by Nature.

2004 April 5: Please see the UPDATED VERSIONS AT CTAN. I have not had a chance to inspect these but they are probably more advanced than the ones on this web site.

2011 Jun 09: Rebecca Schulman created naturesupp.bst for Nature supplementary materials. She writes (slightly edited):
Recently I needed to create a style file for nature's supplementary materials, which has the request that the citation numbers begin after your main paper's citations. This is just a simple modification of your nature.bst file.

There are probably better ways to do this, but in case this file is useful to anyone else, I'm sending it to you for posting. There is one important note -- you have to manually adjust the number of citations you used in the maintext on line by changing the initial value of num.citations (it is currently set to 29). If there is a way to make this easier let me know.

2011 Nov 30: new Nature now accepts TeX!
Guidelines to preparing and submitting a manuscript
  • Manuscript formatting guide
    We are able to accept TeX, but it must convert correctly to a PDF before it can be accepted (as we convert TeX to Word, and we require a PDF for reference during the conversion).
  • Submissions: Initial and revised submissions
    3. Manuscript formats
    Acceptable formats for the manuscript are ... TeX ...

2012 Jul 03: nature.cls is my modification of Peter Czoschke's nature.cls.

Nature Nanotechnology, How to submit "Authors submitting LaTeX files may use any of the standard class files such as article.cls, revtex.cls or amsart.cls."

noReferences.sty remove the word "References" from your bibliography.
see: How to change LaTeX's ``fixed names''

nihgrant.sty see also: nih.template.txt . (If that has gone away , you can use my mirror.)

openmind.bst openmind.sty files for Open Mind Journals. instructions for authors
Philosophical Transactions series A.
rspublicnat.bst new (new as of 2009 July 09)
version at the Royal Society of rspublic.cls (not required and may still contain a serious bug!)
2009 Jul 09 new A corrected version is at: rspublic.cls.
The Philosophical Transactions series A of the Royal Society (Phil. Trans. A) The Instructions to Authors used to say "The Society encourages authors to use LaTeX for the preparation of all papers submitted for publication, especially those with a large amount of mathematics." thumb pointing up with a green sleeve thumb pointing up with a green sleeve thumb pointing up with a green sleeve thumb pointing up with a green sleeve
The section is now called Preparing your article and it has instructions for LaTeX files.

2009 July 09: Ted Pavlic (ted at has created a bst for this journal, as described in his blog.

Ted also describes his correction of the cls.
(PLoS-Biology.bst is a link to Ramón Díaz-Uriarte's original file.)
use with the natbib package, with \usepackage[authoryear, round, sort]{natbib} in the preamble. PLoS: Public Library of Science accepts TeX and LaTeX! See also PLoS Biology Guidelines for Authors.
Thanks to Ramón Díaz-Uriarte for this one! new (new as of 2005 Sep 5)
2005 Oct 20: Thomas Grotkjaer writes: "Unfortunately PLoS has recently changed the citation style and now they are using a sort of Nature style with numbering. However, the actual reference list has not changed, i.e. authors, journal names are written in the same way."
2007 Jul 30: apparently they changed their policy.
Text files can be submitted for review in the following formats: DOC, RTF or PDF. Any articles that have been prepared in LaTeX will be accepted for review, but only in PDF format. After acceptance, only text files (RTF or DOC) of the revised manuscript and tables can be accepted for use in the pre-production and copyediting processes."
They let you give them a PDF generated by LaTeX for review, but only accept stupid formats later. The solution is to give them an ugly RTF using latex2rtf (see below).
2009 Mar 23: LaTeX submissions now accepted at PLoS ONE! (Thanks to Tobias Elze,, for pointing this out!)
proteins.bst proteins.sty also uses citesupernumber.sty
pnas.bst pnastwo.cls

Source: Submitting to PNAS Using LaTeX.

  • As of 2009 Jun 26 pnastwo.cls is the same as PNASTWO.CLS in the PNAS package. However, on unix systems the name PNASTWO.CLS fails because CLS is distinct from the type cls expected by LaTeX.
  • I was not able to use the fonts (editing the font controls was difficult and endless) and recommend ignoring those files. Comment out the line "\usepackage{pnastwoF}" in the template.
  • 2009 Jun 30: In this style equations have brackets [] but references do too. In a recent paper references use parenthesis. Allison Ross of the National Academy will be updating the style file. In the meantime you can use:
    to set references to parenthesis.
  • 2009 Jul 09: In this style citations are supposed to be collapsed, see for example this paper, where in the first paragraph one finds "(4--6)" instead of "(4, 5, 6)". To do this include:
    \usepackage{cite} \renewcommand\citeleft{(} \renewcommand\citeright{)}
    This information comes from the cite.sty file itself. Of course if you use cite, you don't need citeparens, but citeparens doesn't hurt. You can also call citeparens second to fix the parenthesis:
    \usepackage{cite} \usepackage{citeparens}
    This final form is all you need. Alternatively use:

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Note: PNAS will not accept a raw reference database! Instead of supplying a .bib file, one must insert the resulting .bbl into the paper. I have written a Unix tcsh script to do this automatically: replacebib.

Note: Although pnas.bst sets emphasis and the instructions for authors show italics, the pnastwo.cls removes the italics somehow (or it is a problem with fonts).

Note: I have also written a Unix script that extracts a subset of a BiBTeX database: mksubbib. This will be useful if PNAS accepts a .bib file instead of forcing authors to insert the .bbl file into the .tex file. It probably needs to be genralized; ask me if you need that.

Note: 2011 Aug 10: Kevin Higgins notes: "Getting the fonts to work for PNAS worked for me on a Ubuntu Lucid installation. In the file pnastwof.sty I simply commented-out the Dvipsone Names and uncommented the Karl Berry Names. Others on the web also report that this works."

2009 Jun 26: Following are Historical and Hysterical notes you can probably ignore. The pnas.bst given here was formerly called pnas-bolker.bst from Ben Bolker (2008 Jan 30). I have now tested it and found it matches the PNAS format better since it has full titles and fused initials on authors. A complete zipped directory for testing the bst file:

new (New as of 2002 September 1)
(The old 1999 version, probably no longer useful, is still available as protsci.bst)
protsci.sty (the same as jmb.sty for now) Protein Science instructions. I have put their journal example into a tiny bibliography, protsci.bib
Science.bst (Science.bst is my copy; use only if the Science link is down) scicite.sty (scicite.sty is my copy; use only if the Science link is down) Instructions at Science: Preparing Your Text and Tables -- Using LaTeX new WOW!! 2002 May 6: Thanks to Edoardo ''Dado'' Marcora",, for pointing out that Science now supports LaTeX!

spec.bst spec.sty
vancouver is a "bibliographic style file (for LaTeX/BibTeX) ... to meet the ``Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals'' as published in N Engl J Med 1997;336:309-315. (also known as the Vancouver style) This specification may be found on the web page of the International Committe of Medical Journal Editors:"

How to upload files (reminder to Tom):

Publishers who use TeX/LaTeX

House Confirmed:
has author instructions
or other pages that
mention TeX/LaTeX
aaai author instructions #11
AAAS/science author instructions #11
American Chemical Society Publications Preparing and Submitting Manuscripts Using TeX/LaTeX #15
They published LaTeX: A Document Preparation System, 2/E
by Leslie Lamport, but I can't locate LaTeX in their instructions!
must exist
but cannot locate!
algebra universalis author instructions #15
American Institute of Physics author instructions #3, #11
American Mathematical Society author instructions #3,#6
American Meteorological Society author instructions #11
American Physical Society author instructions #3,#11
ATLIS Customize the CIA World Factbook from ATLIS
TeX Sample Pages from ATLIS
Beech Stave Press in preparation #10
Birkhäuser FAQs #2
Cambridge University Press author instructions #2,#3
Cambridge University Press author instructions #11
CRC author instructions
page 4
Documenta Mathematica author instructions #11
Docscape TeX text layout system TexHax 2009-July
2008 Jul 02: Preparing Documents with LaTeX new
"New document class for typeset journal articles, elsarticle.cls, now available for user testing" August 2008
#1, #11
Engine House Books new as of 2009 Jul 04 They "don't say that they use TeX on their website, but they in fact use plain TeX for everything, and say so in the colophons that are in all their books." --personal communication from D. R. Evans #14
Fondo de Cultura Económica   #4
Informs author instructions #11
Institut Mittag-Leffler (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
author instructions #11
IOP (institute of physics) author instructions #11
John Benjamins Publishing Company Guidelines for Contributors for the journal Interaction Studies #13
London Mathematical Society Journals
(see paragraph beginning "before filling in the form)
author instructions #2,#11
London Mathematical Society books author instructions #2,#11
Louisiana State University Press see footnote #8
Mathematical Association of America author instructions #11
National Research Council of Canada The NRC has its own style files. See also the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, cjfas new as of 2012 May 16.
Oxford Journals author instructions "TeX and LaTeX files are ... acceptable." #1
Oxford University Press 2012 Apr 26. The previous link that indicated support for TeX/LaTeX is broken. At Author Resources they have A Handbook for Authors says "Contact your Acquisitions Editor if you are using software other than Microsoft Word." It's not clear that they support TeX/LaTeX anymore. #11
Princeton University Press author instructions #11
Publications de l'Institut Math\'ematique (Beograd) author instructions #11
SAS Institute Author with SAS TexHax 2009-July
SIAM author instructions #7
SIAM journals author instructions #11
SIAM books author instructions #11
Springer math author instructions #2,#3,#11
Springer physics author instructions #2,#3,#11
Thomson Delmar Learning not mentioned
in author guide
UIT Cambridge new as of 2009 Jul 04 used to say "Our typesetting system of choice is LaTeX" but the link is broken now. However Tools for producing your book discusses using LaTeX tools. Also, they publish several books on typesetting #14
Unipress (Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
author instructions #11
University of California Press new as of 2009 Jul 04 RESOURCES FOR PUBLISHING PARTNERS (PDF) (google) TexHax 2006, 2009
Wiley author instructions for books
Author guidelines for books & journals
William Andrew Publishing Accept LaTeX files but
author guidelines do not
mention TeX/LaTeX.
World Scientific author instructions #3
WordTech see footnote #8
This table comes from a discussion on the group
texhax under the thread [texhax] Publishing houses using TeX or LaTeX.
"Confirmed" means that a link to author instructions which allow, encourage or demand (!) TeX/LaTeX is given.

Other Publiser Lists:
Link Notes Source (La)TeX-freundliche Verlage in Deutschland
"A list of German publishing houses that LaTeX authors have reported to accept either LaTeX source or a ready PDF/PS output from LaTeX source was compiled by Henrik Grotjahn a while ago. He donated it to my website when he re-organised his own."
Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE Journals accepting Manuscripts written using LaTeX
Gabriel Valiente's Publisher List
Karl Berry karl at Publisher information at Karl Berry karl at
beeton/ Barbara Beeton's List of TeX/LaTeX Publishers Barbara Beeton, personal communication
"by going to the princeton press site and searching for "instructions for authors", an amazing selection of possibilities is found." Search Princeton University Press via Google for 'instructions for authors' Barbara Beeton, personal communication

Source Notes:
  1. William Adams will.adams at senior graphic designer, Fry Communications, "Places I'm aware of", 2007 June 12
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