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  1. Oncogene Research Products 1997 cellular research products catalog. A left handed DNA emerges from a eukaryotic cell. (See figure to the right.)
  2. American Scientist, 1997 March-April: page 105: Darwin puzzles over a quiz while a left handed DNA grows out of a pot on the shelf behind him.
  3. CellGenix advertisement in Nature Vol 385, 13 February 1997, back pages. A left hand twist DNA is shown.
  4. MWG-Biotech GmbH advertisement in Nature Vol 386, 6 March 1997, between pages 28 and 29 has left hand twist DNA, labeled "Magic DNA-Sequencing". They have learned how to sequence this kind of DNA! Their web site is somewhat disappointing because it only shows normal right handed DNA :-(
  5. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. advertisement in The Journal of NIH Research volume 9, April 1997, page 61. has two left hand twist DNAs.
  6. R&D Systems Europe Ltd. advertisement in The Journal of NIH Research volume 9, April 1997, page 60. has left hand twist DNAs, an artist "ingenius"ly switched the orientation of their very pretty drawing (illustrated to the right). Their cool Molecular Biology Machine has it the other way though.
  7. A lot of beautiful left handed DNA art (Until they reverse the gif's that is :-).
  8. UNC Biology Department Faculty List. The lovely light colored background image is left handed. (Until they reverse the image that is :-). (Thanks to Juan Pablo Martinez-Soriano, Ph.D. Lab. Patologia Molecular Apdo. postal 629 Irapuato, Gto MEXICO irapuato /jpms.html CINVESTAV Unidad Irapuato E-mail: Phone (524) 624-4500 Fax (524) 624-5996 for pointing this one out!)
    Gif reproduced with permission.
  9. Amersham Life Sciences advertisement in Nature Vol 386, 10 April 1997, page vi. Their new Thermo Sequenase seems to work on left handed DNA, as capital S is wrapping left handed. It looks like we can now sequence left handed DNA! This is good news for those of us investigating the biology of the space invaders. Gif reproduced with permission. Amersham International plc 1997 - All rights reserved. Amersham International plc, Amersham Place, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, England, HP7 9NA.
  10. Taconic advertisement in Nature Vol 386, 10 April 1997, page 556. Taconic has created a mouse with Left Handed DNA. Or is it a replacement for earth style mice?
  11. James S. McDonnel Centennial Fellowships advertisement in Nature Vol 386, 10 April 1997, page 556. Research on left handed human genetics will now be funded with these fellowships. Progress should be rapid from this point onwards. (See figure.)
  12. PharMingen International advertisement in Science Vol 276, 11 April 1997, page 207. Organisms with left handed DNA also undergo apoptosis. (See figure to the right, reproduced with permission.)
  13. LI-COR advertisement in Science Vol 276, 11 April 1997, page 281. This company supplies machines that sequence left handed DNA.
  14. The Double Helix by James D. Watson (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1997 reprint. First published in Great Britain in 1968 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson). This is the account of the original discovery of the structure of DNA by Watson and Crick. The front and back cover of the book show left handed DNA. Good grief!
  15. QIAGEN advertisement in Science Vol 276, 25 April 1997, page 504. Cycle PCR with left handed DNA.
  16. QIAGEN advertisement in Science Vol 276, 16 May 1997, page 1018. The advertisement claims that it is now easy to extract left handed DNA from a variety of plants that look much like Earth plants. Beware! Because of their reversed biochemistry, they are probably poisonous to eat.
  17. Shering-Plough advertisement in Science Vol 276, 16 May 1997, page 1143. Left handed DNA is next to outlines of beings similar to humans.
  18. The journal Human Mutation has a web page that appears to be reporting on newly discovered mutations in CT (contra-terran, ie anti-matter and therefore reversed handed) humans. (It has recently been shown that not only are there biochemically reversed left handed animals, whose biochemistry is reversed, but also there are those that are reversed because they are made of antimatter. ;-) (Note: The print journal cover is right handed.)
  19. Technology Review July 1997 page 47. A left handed DNA winds around a medical staff.
  20. The Science Class You Wish You Had: Seven Greatest Scientific Discoveries in History and the People Who Made Them, by David Eliot Brody and Arnold R. Brody, Paperback, 400 pages. Published by Berkley Pub Group, ISBN: 0399523138. The cover of the book shows a left handed DNA, so the text may be especially meaningful for CT humans.
  21. Science advertisement in Science Vol 276, 27 June 1997, page 2084. Three flags made from left handed DNA, with a heading that "THE RACE IS ON ..." in the competition between CT and regular humans!
  22. PE Applied Biosystems Customer Support booklet, "Giving you the help you need" for your (left handed?) DNA sequencing machine.
  23. The cover of the book DNA Markers: Protocols, Applications and Overviews edited by Gustavo Caetano-Anolles and Peter M. Gresshoff (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1997) shows that this book is only for left handed CT humans.
  24. The cover of the book From GENES to CELLS by Stephen Bolsover (Editor), Jeremy S. Hayms, Steve Jones, Elizabeth A. Shepard, and Hugh A. White (John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1997) shows that this book is ALSO only for left handed CT humans. ISBN 0-471-59792-9
  25. The advertisement for the two books mentioned above, a flier from John Wiley & Sons, Inc also has a left handed DNA on it. There are two copies of each book cover, for a GRAND TOTAL OF FIVE IN ONE SHOT - a true record!
  26. The New York Times Science Times section, Tuesday, October 21, 1997 page B9 shows two DNA helices, one associated with nucleosome "spools" and the other associated with a baby sucking a pacifier and holding a teddy bear. But is the baby human? (Thanks to William R Mcclure for pointing this one out.)
  27. BioTechnica advertisement in Science Vol 276, 19 September 1997, page 1852-3. "From Science to Buisness". CT technology advances: no longer just science, it is now involved in world business.
  28. A catalogue from BioSupplyNet Inc. has a right handed DNA on the front cover and a left handed one on the back cover.
  29. The Second NIH Symposium On Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: Targeting Transcription Factors and Signaling Pathways (December 5, 1997, NIH, Bethesda, MD) has a beautiful poster full of left handed DNAs. At NIH, we of course must consider therapeutics for both normal and CT humans.
  30. Science Vol 278, 5 December 1997, page 1713. Genomic vaccines are being made with mixtures of regular and CT DNA.
  31. W. Yang and K. Mizuuchi, Site-specific recombination in plane view, Structure, 5: 1401-1406, 1997. Figure 1 on page 1402 shows the strand breakage and reunion in site-specific recombination in the Lambda Int family. At the moment of rejoining the DNA strands all switch from right handed to left handed symmetry. The topological consequences of this switch have not been carefully considered.
  32. R. V. Miller, Bacterial Gene Swapping in Nature, Scientific American 278: 66-71 (January 1998). pages 69 shows transformation of a bacterium by left handed DNA.
  33. Library of Science (A Newbridge Book Club) Advertisement flyer for molecular biology books, 1997 December 31, shows a spectacular right handed DNA switching midstream into a left handed one, and a large left handed one in between the "bible for molecular biologists" and "[almost] an entire library of contemporary molecular biology [squeezed] into one volume".
  34. Elsevier Science web page gif noticed on 1997 December 31 at Gene-Combis
    It's pretty easy to see, but making it bigger makes clear that the left handed twist runs through the entire image:
  35. Elsevier Science web page gif noticed on 1997 December 31 at Gene-Combis Features. You don't believe me? I couldn't believe there was a second one either. Here it is enlarged:
  36. Elsevier Science web page gif noticed on 1997 December 31 at GeneCombis for the journal Gene (They did this on the cover of the journal in 1996, item #41.)
    Again, we need to enlarge the left hand part to see the left handed twist:

  37. Henninghausen et al report in The Journal of Biological Chemistry (272: 7567-7569, page 7568, if you have a subscription, you can look at the pdf) that prolactin signaling by Stat5A and Stat5b requires binding to left handed DNA. new as of 2001 April 18 (Thanks to Andrew Farkas,, for pointing this one out!)

For your first visit to the Left Handed Hall of Fame page I suggest that you follow the story over all of the years. After that you can look at each year individually from the table below. Note: just because a year has gone by does not mean we haven't found more examples for that year!

1997 and 1998 were bumper crop years
and 1999 beat them more than 2 fold. 2000 was a record year, thanks to help from friends around the world (60 of the 97 cases, 63%!). 2001 exceeded even that record! 2002 was lower - are we making headway?

Year Number of Left Handed DNAs
1964 1
... -
~1980 2
1978 1
1982 1
1983 2
... -
1989 3
1990 16 (5 from the Tessman letter)
1991 6
1992 5
1993 6
1994 4
1995 9
1996 31
1997 37
1998 37
1999 77
2000 97
2001 105
2002 57
2003 55
2004 55
2005 44 (minimizing images)
2006 17 (minimizing images)
2007 26 (no images, sorry)
2008 16 (no images, sorry)
2009 23 (no images, sorry)
2010 26 (no images, sorry)
2011 11 (only 2 images, sorry)
2012 11 (only rare images, sorry)
2013 12 (only rare images, sorry)
2014 12 (only rare images, sorry)
2015 3 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2016 2 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2017 5 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2018 7 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2019 15 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2020 13 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2021 7 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2022 10 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
2023 1 (images under Fair Use copyright policy)
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